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Thanks for using the free Art Price Calculator web app. To start, simply enter a few details about your art on the next page, then click the “Get a price” button.

That's basically it! Please keep in mind that our price estimates are based on thousands of real-world examples, but may need adjusting based on your particular circumstances. We can't guarantee that any estimated prices are a “perfect fit” for your art, but we try our darndest to get close.

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Getting started

Click the home icon on the top left of the page to start pricing your art. Next, use the sliders, or click the numbers to enter digits manually, to describe as close as you can your art.

You'll notice that the options are fairly simple, and this was done on purpose. We didn't include, for example, a “Giclée” option, but instead have simply a “Print” selection. We tried hard to strike a balance between simplicity and variability, and found that the options provided are enough to give almost every piece of art a good estimate. With all the awesome variability in art out there, we couldn't include sliders and options for every possible creation.

How we make estimates

About our pricing estimates

If you're online, we send the details you provide to our server, which uses a database containing thousands of real-world art examples to calculate its best guess, based on a proprietary algorithm. The program also lets you know how accurate it thinks its guess is for your work, represented in green and in text below the graph. We will be updating the database often with newer, more accurate information, so estimates with the same specs might return results that vary a little bit here or there.

If you're offline, we use a simplified version of the online calculation. Because we can't get the most up-to-date data for the estimate, you'll see that every offline estimate has a maximum 25% confidence level.

To get the most accurate estimates, please make sure you are online when using this tool.


We don't store or share any of your information. Any estimates you save are stored locally on your device.


All the estimates made by this program are just that, and shouldn't be considered a truly accurate appraisal of your art. They are suggestions based on thousands of real-world examples, but each individual artist may want to raise or lower their prices based on past experience, popularity, etc. Always get a second opinion.

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